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Proverbs stand the test of time for a reason; they are built on principles of truth.  Necessity really is the mother of invention.  A couple years ago, I got to thinking about restaurants; specifically, I wanted to know which restaurants in Rhode Island had clean, safe kitchens, not overrun with rodents, cockroaches, and other vermin.  Based on the horror stories I’d see on the news and read in the newspaper, I was in search of some peace of mind.  What restaurant could I bring my family and feel some reassurance that the conditions behind the kitchen door were what I would consider acceptable?  Was I better off eating at one of the heavy hitters in the heart of Providence or a small diner in Warwick?  I knew enough about the restaurant business to know that pest infiltration is a reality of commercial kitchens, but I was also aware that there are ways to combat these issues.  I didn’t know how to determine which restaurants were responsible and vigilant in their pest control practices.


I began doing market research to see if there was interest in having access to this information and quickly learned that I wasn’t alone; the public shared my concerns.  In simplistic terms, people don’t want bugs, mice droppings, and other hideous artifacts in their food, and they do want access to a list of trusted dining establishments that keep clean, safe, pest-free kitchens.  The Rhode Island Department of Health does what they can, but they are far too overworked and understaffed to monitor the conditions of the thousands of commercial kitchens in the state.  There was no existing industry to provide oversight and support to the efforts of restaurant owners that do care enough to go the extra mile by keeping their restaurants safe and clean.  PFE created that industry.


What Does PFE-Verified Mean?


In our first few months of operation, six well-respected businesses have become PFE-verified in Rhode Island, with many more to be added to our database in 2013.  PFE-verification means that PFE monitors the restaurant facilities that commit to a higher level of pest control to ensure that they are maintaining the safe, pest-free environment that provides you peace of mind.  We support the dining community by keeping you informed of restaurants in your neighborhood that are committed to maintaining those safer, hygienic standards via our online restaurant listing.

Sure, there are business owners in every industry who won’t do more than what is required by law; after all, if they have an established customer base, they may have a “why bother?” attitude.  But, when it comes to food preparation and consumption, well-educated and conscientious restaurant managers and owners understand foodborne illnesses that can come with ill-kept storage and prep areas, and take measured actions to protect their valued customers’ health and well-being.  PFE is committed to keeping the residents of Rhode Island “in the know” about the best places to bring your friends and family for a great meal, prepared in the safest, cleanest environment.

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