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8 Questions Every Restaurant Owner Needs To Ask




For all the “scary” restaurants out there, there are many terrific, wholly responsible dining establishments, as well.  We already have several listed in the PFE database and will be adding more, shortly.  (One of the benefits of PFE membership is staunch support and recognition of our registered restaurants.)  There’s also another community of culinary business owners who are progressing into the territory of “doing better.”

There are many tactics, easily implemented, that can help in the fight against vermin, pest, rodent, and insect infiltration in restaurant kitchens everywhere.  Pests pick up, track, and deposit germs and bacteria everywhere.  They are a source of many food borne illnesses, a scourge that is on the rise according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

No matter the level of diligence, there’s always room for improvement.  Here are just a few questions that every food service business should be asking as they review conditions at their facility.  Monthly pest control services coupled with a PFE verification to alert the public that they are a safe, “dine with peace of mind” choice are positive components in the “big picture” of any restaurant’s profile. __________________________________________________________________________________

8.  Are food products ingredients such as flour, sugar, corn starch and salt being stored in sealed containers?

7.  How often do we wash garbage cans and do we use liners in our cans?  Garbage cans are a haven for germs, bacteria, rodent, pest, and insect infestation.

6.  How does the exterior of the building look?  A rat can access the interior through an opening the size of a quarter.  Cockroaches slip in through cracks that are only 1/16th of an inch.

5.  Do I have #16 mesh window screens with intact weather stripping installed in every window?

4.  Are doors, loading docks, or other points of entry being left open? Door sweeps and automatic doors may be part of the solution.

3.  Are the exterior lights attracting more insects and pests for us to contend with?

2.  Does a licensed exterminator provide services to our establishment?  How often? (Monthly treatment is necessary to keep vermin and pest infiltration at bay.)

 And the number ONE question that responsible restaurant owners should be asking themselves…

1.  Are we a PFE-verified restaurant?  And, if not, why?


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