PFE identified the need for greater accountability. We developed a comprehensive plan designed for responsible, concerned restaurant owners who want to proactively fill the void left by infrequent state inspections.

Vermin and pest infiltration is a reality in any retail food establishment; it must be addressed on a consistent basis. Visit our Pests and Diseases page to learn more about the illnesses that can be contracted by pest contamination. Each member of the PFE community voluntarily maintains a monitored, routine pest control service plan at their place of business. This superior level of care means you have peace of mind that your meal is being prepared in a safe, clean, pest-free environment.

PFE is dedicated to providing you and your family pest-free, hygienic restaurant options to ensure your good health. When you search the PFE database of members or see the PFE logo at the entrance of your favorite restaurant, you may dine with confidence, knowing that your food is being prepared in an area that is kept to a high standard of pest-free cleanliness.